Welcome to Well Hydrated IV Hydration & Wellness..

We are a luxury, Washington, DC nutrient optimization, IV hydration and medical medical spa services practice. What is concierge? That means our medical professionals come to you providing your wellness needs in the convenience of your home, office, event or hotel. Feeling run down? Low energy? Getting over virus or sinus infection? Low iron? Low Vitamin D? Need a beauty boost for your hair, nails and skin? Preparing for or recovering from an athletic event? Jet lag or planning a trip? WE ARE your premiere wellness practitioners. Our mission is to help you optimize your health and well being.


Our mission is simple. We optimize the health and wellness of the people living, working and visiting the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).


We are a luxury concierge Medical Spa providing state of the art wellness, hydration and medical spa services for a healthier, happier, more energetic, focused and productive District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

Florence, BSN, RN, Chief Executive Officer of Well Hydrated IV Hydration & Wellness Spa. 

 Florence has 13 years nursing experience mostly in critical care nursing in Step-Down/Intermediate Care Units (IMC). In 2020 she was one of many travel nurses to go to New York City to assist during the national crisis of Covid-19. She has traveled extensively throughout the country since then lending her skills and experience to the most vulnerable patient populations recovering from severe illness and post-op surgeries. 

During her travels she began exploring wellness medicine to help her cope with the tremendous stress due to her high demanding job and the stressors of life living and working through a pandemic. She noticed the undeniable benefits from IV drips and vitamin shots that helped her sleep, improved her mental clarity, increased energy levels and stabilized her peaceful mood. When her son (16) at the time, was suffering from insomnia and mood balancing in addition to his primary care she got him an IV drip and vitamin D optimization. The same great results were noticed even faster with him. She began studying all things wellness and a desire to assist others in the way she and her family has been helped. She’s studied under the best in the business and continue to do so to bring to you state of the art treatments that gets results.